Affair Caught On Camera


We had to get proof of this affair caught on camera, the lawyer made this quite clear after yet another visit to his office. I remember thinking, well what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things if they are cheating or not, but we prepared to do as we were told. I think it was because Stella was still denying any affair to her lawyer and her family – so we really needed to flush this bitch out.


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Noddy - really...

At this time I worked at a leisure centre where there was an Entertainment Department and that year 'Noddy' was the resident attraction. I mentioned to the head of that department, who I got on with really well, about what was going on in my life and that I needed a disguise. He took me into the wardrobe section and picked up Noddy’s costume head and we both said together ‘they will never recognise you in that' ha - a good idea, but maybe a tad extreme!!!

We found a wig which would suffice for the purpose and off I went wig in hand prepared for the next installment of playing private detective. Would we get this affair caught on camera? It seemed a tough call to me, but we will see...

Wigs on ...

It was my brother’s turn to have the kids this particular night so we thought this would be a good time that Rick and Stella would get together, so Alex got someone to babysit and away we went, wigs on and cheap auction car all filled up with petrol.

We drove past Rick’s house and yes they were both there, so we found a good place not too far to park up the car and we set off through the fields and around the back of the houses video recorders in hand. I must admit the butterflies were going mad in my stomach, but I was more bothered that we would be spotted by a nosy neighbour who may have called the police wondering what we were doing at night behind their house than actually putting myself through the cruelty of catching my ex at it again with Alex’s wife.

do these people NEVER close their bloody curtains ...

Yes they were in full view – do these people NEVER close their bloody curtains......

We started filming, we thought it best that we both had video cameras in case one didn't work properly etc. It was obvious what they were up to again, I remember asking Alex how did he feel about all this – he said he felt numb.

OMG their security light came on... 

At one point their outside security light came on and I thought ‘oh my god we are in trouble now’ but Rick and Stella didn’t even notice.

We got everything the lawyer wanted so we high tailed it out of there back to the car and on the way we were pretending to look for our lost dog – gently calling it by name – Rover I think!!!! Just in case anyone had seen us we had an alibi.... clever eh!!!

We went back to Alex’s house to discuss the events of the evening and watched over the videos. There was no denying any affair was taking place now – as this affair was caught on camera - ha, busted...


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