With Your Ex Wives and Girlfriends You Men Get A Raw Deal...

Ex wives and girlfriends, boy they can be fun can't they.  Get on the wrong side of them and you could end up losing your mind!!!

If you agree with me and you have never had your chance to tell your side of the story you can do it right here - just go for it, the more detail the better.  You will feel better for it.

After going through my brother's divorce with him, I realised that men get a raw deal when it comes to affairs of the heart.  It doesn't seem to matter whose fault it is or where the blame rests, it's the ex wives and girlfriends who get the best deal.  I don't think that is fair on you guys...

Fear not - every cloud has a silver lining and this is not the end of the world.  There is life after divorce, you may not feel like there is now, but believe me - you will be fine.  There are tons of great times ahead of you and exciting new loves to explore.

You May Never See Your Kids Again!

You guys can have your children taken away from you and then you are told when and where you can next see them - how bad is that!!!  You never imagined that happening when you first heard that patter of tiny, gorgeous feet now did you...

Be Amazed

I am sure you will be amazed, amused and aghast at what ex wives and girlfriends really do get up to - and the strange thing is they all seem to turn out the same when it comes to affairs of the heart, don't you agree with me guys?

Click here for ex wife tricks of the trade.

Plans For ExWivesAndGirlfriends.com

We will be much more than that though, we have great plans for ExWivesAndGirlfriends.com and I hope you will enjoy contributing any stories or fun tales you have had along this theme.

Fun and Frivolities

So, please come on in and enjoy the fun and frivolities and guys ssshhh..... don't tell any women about this site - it is just for you blokes.

Click here for our ex wife jokes and poems which you will enjoy and keep your mind busy.

No Ex Wives Or Girlfriends Here...

There is a lot more to come, so please keep checking back...  So, you are welcome to come and join us, which must mean one of two things, you have had experience with those ex wives and girlfriends or you are on just coming in for a wander to see what's going on and what we are talking about here!!!  Women hate being told what to do - ha.  Has she gone guys?

We Have A Great Friendly Community

I do hope so because I would like us all to make this a great, friendly, community so we can all share our different experiences.  I would like to hear about your good or bad times you've had with your ex wives or girlfriends (or soon to be ex's!!!), whether it has been a cloud with a silver lining, and the experience has actually turned out better for you and your children.

We Are Here To Help You

This bird is here to help you (that does sound a bit mad I know!!!).  I want you to enjoy it in here, think of it as your little safe haven.  I want to support you and look after you.  Imagine this site as a big, fury, friendly dog - I am so happy and excited when I see you every time and my tail is always waggin'...


Yes we are just starting up and I would like you to be a part of the story with me.  This site is as interactive as you would like it to be.

Come In, Relax and Enjoy Yourself

This will be your serine space where you can come in, relax and enjoy yourself without any of those cheating ex wives and girlfriends and have fun and forget for a minute about your impending divorce or breakup - hey, who knows, you maybe married off again before you know it!!!  I will also be giving you some hints and tips on how to handle your divorce.  I have some corking ideas how you can handle your ex wife or girlfriend.

I may even put together some quick meal ideas to keep your little tums full of comfort food on these cold wintry evenings.  Yes even you can put your oven on once in a while now those ex wives and girlfriends have gone, for crying out loud...

...coming soon.

Cook Up Another One Luv!!

Oooo - just a minute guys, I think we have a visitor reading this who shouldn't be, Oi lady, don't you be reading this, go on back in your kitchen to cook up some other way to cheat on your husband and make plans to ruin some other poor sod's life....  Has she gone?

Kick Back and Get A Beer...

Ok, now where was I, so come on in, kick back, get your slippers on, make yourself a cup of tea and relax.... Oh sod it, I'm not your wife, go and get yourself a beer, have a look around and join in - there will be plenty of opportunity to in the upcoming weeks here at ExWivesAndGirlfriends.com.

Why Not Tell Your Side Of Your Story?

Do you have a great story about what happened to you? Go on - Share it!

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